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The Core Surgical Training Interview Course

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Our course feedback has shown the lectures to be very useful to our candidates. We focus on surgical interview technique and what can differentiate you from other strong candidates. Detailed analysis of each of the stations really helps applicants get familiar with what is expected of them. The technical tips for this assessment process are unique to this course. When practiced, they differentiate from the good candidates to the highest scoring candidates.

Mock Interview

The highest yield form of practice is through the mock interview circuit. Our examiners are all high scoring core surgical trainees or surgical registrars, who have not only been in your position but successfully undertook the interview. You’ll have a minimum of one interview circuit, receiving detailed and specific feedback. Candidates having done mock interview circuits in their preparation evidently stand out on the big day.

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Virtual Follow-up Mock Interview

Following the course, it’s critical to reflect on the technical tips and feedback from the lectures and course. Practising with seniors, colleagues and friends cannot be underestimated. Even when there is no one to prepare with, in front of a mirror or camera is just as important. With the virtual follow up a mock interview, we can assess how your development is progressing and can receive further feedback before your interview. The process of feedback and active reflection are the proven methods of improving your technique.

One On One Coaching

Dedicated time to improving you and your strengths and weaknesses can really make that big difference on the day. We are all different and, unlike an exam, we all interview differently. Consolidating informal feedback, we can focus on how to bring out the best in you. Many of us have minor technical adjustments that make a huge personal difference on the day of your assessment

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